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The Faculty Data Dashboard includes statistics and demographics relating to faculty in bargaining unit 3 at San Diego State University (SDSU).

Prior to Fall 2020, faculty data were collected and managed through Academic Affairs and Faculty Advancement at SDSU. Beginning Fall 2020, the primary data source for faculty data has transitioned to PeopleSoft managed by the Center for Human Resources at SDSU. Dashboards align with the CSU reporting standards and aggregate all faculty roles, tenured and temporary, and thus, are reported separately from those before Fall 2020. For more information on methodology and timing, please refer to the information icon in the right upper corner of each dashboard.

The SDSU Data Glossary is not an exhaustive resource of all data terminology used at SDSU. See the Other Data Definition Resources page for other resources you may use to find definitions for terminology not found in the SDSU Data Glossary.