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ASIR supports campus data users by developing and maintaining help guides and help videos for our data dashboards and reports. This page contains help guides for the ASIR Data Dashboards.

If you have suggestions for additional help guides that should be created to support campus data users, Submit User Feedback and let us know.

Video Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Using Campus Overview Dashboards

Using Program At-A-Glance Dashboards

Using Trend Views in Dashboards

Using the Program Migration Dashboard

Using the STEM Advising Tool Dashboard

Public Dashboard Help Guides[edit | edit source]

General Guides[edit | edit source]

Guide Description
Printing Help Guide to printing data tables and interactive dashboards on ASIR's website
Navigation Help Filtering and Data Selection, Interactive Data Visualization Navigation, Standard Option Controls, Export Options

Dashboard Guides[edit | edit source]

Guide Description
Program Migration by College Tutorial Tutorial, Source Data, Update Time and Methodology for Program Migration by College Visualization

Internal Dashboard Help Guides[edit | edit source]

General Guides[edit | edit source]

Guide Description
Printing and Downloading Help Tableau Toolbar, Image Download Options, PDF Download Options, Excel & Data Download Options
Quick Start Guide Descriptions of the three dashboard views: Campus Overview, Program At-A-Glance, and Comparison Data Tables
Tableau FAQ Answers frequently asked questions ASIR receives about using Tableau.
FAQ and Troubleshooting Provides solutions to dashboard troubleshooting and answers some frequently asked questions.

Dashboard Guides[edit | edit source]

Guide Description
Academic Progress Provides exploratory questions for further guidance on the types of analysis what can be answered with SSEA dashbaords. These lists are meant to inspire dashboard exploration and are not intended to outline any report requirements. Interactive qualities include options to submit anlaysis ideas, take a dashboard survey, and submit comments & suggestions.
Course Enrollment
Course FTES
Course Outcomes
Enrollment - New Students
Graduation Rates
Total Student Enrollment
Program Migration Provides additional tips on how to filter the program migration by cohort dashboard for optimal usage.
STEM Student Success Advising Tool Provides answers to student success methodology questions: 'How were the important course and non-course predictors selected?', 'How were the course grade thresholds determined?', 'How were the predicted graduation probabilities based on course grades calculated?', 'How were the graduation probabilities calculated for the other important student success predictors?', and 'Why does it appear that the course graduation rate probability lines overlap?'.