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The SDSU Data Glossary is not an exhaustive resource of all data terminology used at SDSU.

This page provides additional resources available to find definitions and information about terminology you may encounter that is not defined in the SDSU Data Glossary.

Linked Resource Description
Common Data Set Initiative Provides documentation and some data element definitions for Common Data Set reporting.
CSU Academic Planning Database (APDB) Documentation (requires login) Provides documentation and a data element dictionary for the Academic Planning Database (APDB).
CSU Admission Handbook Provides a glossary of terminology commonly used in the admissions process.
CSU Acronyms, Abbreviations and Organization Names Provides acronyms, abbreviations and organization names commonly used throughout the CSU system.
CSU Enrollment Reporting System Data Element Dictionary (requires login) Provides data definitions, record formats, data value transformations, and other reporting requirements for the Enrollment Reporting System at the Chancellor's Office.
CSU Institutional Research & Analyses Glossary Provides definitions for terminology used in systemwide CSU Institutional Research & Analyses reporting.
CSU Policy Library Provides information on CSU systemwide policies such as Executive Orders.
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Glossary Provides definitions for terminology included in the National Center for Education Statistics IPEDS Data Collection System.
my.SDSU Guide Provides an intro to using Query Viewer in my.SDSU with an explanation of filters.
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Statistical Standards Provides standards and guidelines for collection of data in NCES surveys.
Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 Peoplebooks Provides documentation for OASIS (CMS) core functionality and campus solutions applications. PeopleSoft documentation includes definitions for most fields and controls that appear on application pages. These definitions describe how to use a field or control, where populated values come from, the effects of selecting certain values, and so on.
SDSU Data Champion Program Data Dictionary Provides a glossary of terminology used in the Data Champion Program Dataset.